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How to Keep your Cat Happy During the Final Stretch of Summer


We’re in the final stretch of summer, with the forecast staying in the balmy 70’s and 80’s. Summer can be (but isn’t always!) a drag for pets that spend the majority of their time inside. With the windows closed and the AC blasting, felines in urban areas can start to lose touch with their inner wild side. Here are a few ways to keep your kitty entertained during these last few weeks of summer…


A refreshing snack: We loved this idea from online cat magazine the Catster: Meat broth ice cubes! Opt out of store bought broth as it is often loaded with ingredients not suited for your four-legged friend. Instead, make a simple homemade broth, fill an ice cube tray once the broth is cooled, and into each cube drop a small piece of meat. Pop the tray in the freezer until frozen and throw a cube or two in a shallow cat bowl for your cat to enjoy. They’ll love the challenge of licking the quickly melting ice cube to get to that special treat in the middle.

Have a less food motivated kitty? A cat that enjoys spending time by the sink and batting the faucet might enjoy a water game in which you fill the sink with cool water and surprise him with a small rubber ducky or other water-safe floating toy to “hunt.”  Just make sure the object isn’t small enough to ingest.

Lastly, with end of summer being a common vacation time for many, we wanted to remind anyone headed to the beach that finding a cat sitter you can rely on and trust will make the time away from your furry friend stress-free and enjoyable. At Pampered Pets, we make sure your feline feels comfortable with our pet care staff in advance, so you can be rest assured that all members of the family are enjoying their last bit of summer. 🙂