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Pampered Pet’s Complete Guide to a Safe Summer with Pets

Happy Summer, from the team at Pampered Pets! Now that it’s in full swing, we wanted to offer a comprehensive guide to keeping your pets safe during all the warm weather festivities. Here’s how to ensure a safe environment for your furry friends…

1) If you are having a big party or BBQ:

Be mindful of where the food and trash is at all times. Both cats and dogs will be tempted to get into the garbage if you let them, and there are many hazardous objects (hello, chicken bones) that, if, ingested, could result in a trip to the ER. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of managing a party while keeping an eye on your pet, consider hiring a trusty pet sitter to take your four-legged friend out of the house or apartment and away from all the activity, especially if your pet doesn’t do well with crowds or people in the home. Another option? Book a long walk with one of our top of line dog walkers so your pup is tired during the party. Have a cat? Plan to set aside some one-on-one play time before guests arrive.

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2) Car Safety

As a pet owner, you hear it every summer: do not leave your pets in the car. We know you know this already (right?), but it’s always worth reiterating – it’s not worth the risk, and never is. Done and done!

3) Fireworks/Thunderstorms

Even if you plan on staying indoors with the pets during the hottest months of the year, chances are high that you will hear fireworks in the distance, or a summer storm will pass overhead. Dogs and cats that react to thunderstorms will most likely have a similar reaction to the sound of fireworks, and both events can cause anxious pets to become destructive. Make sure that all doors and windows are securely closed so that your pet doesn’t try to escape out of fear, and inform everyone in the house to be mindful of opening and closing the front door. For cats that become anxious or scared during thunderstorms, we recommend remaining calm (as felines look to us and our body language to assess stressful situations), providing cozy and safe hideaways, and plugging in a pheromone spray. Visit the vet if you think your pet has a particularly hard time (for example, if he or she continues to shake and hide even hours after the storm or fireworks are over).

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4) Walks and Outdoor Time

Walking dogs in the hot summer heat can be unenjoyable for you AND your pup. When possible, avoid asphalt that has been baking the sun, and always bring along some water. Stay in the shade as much as possible, and keep walks short on the hottest days. Most importantly, pay attention to your dog’s cues, and familiarize yourself with the symptoms of overheating in pets (see below).

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Lastly, always keep plenty of cool water available for all furry friends during the summer, and keep them on heartworm medication!

What would you add? We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer!