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Dog Walking & Cat Sitting Manhattan, NYC

Pampered Pets provides walking, sitting, overnight and grooming to pet owners in Manhattan below 96th Street in the comfort of their own homes. Our committed staff of trained professionals is here to make sure your furry friend gets the love and care it deserves.

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9 Years

In a row

Experienced. Trusted. Bonded & Insured.

Since 1998

Pampered Pets prides itself on providing professional dog walking, cat sitting, dog and cat grooming and overnight service to its clients. Our staff of experienced pet sitters understands your pet’s unique requirements. We routinely care for new puppies, kittens, elderly cats and dogs, and ones that have special medical needs. We ensure customer satisfaction with compassionate, customized care.

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Dog Walking

You can maintain your work or travel schedule, knowing that your dog will always have his/her walk and play time, consistent with his/her individual needs.

Cat Sitting

Cats require daily physical and mental stimulation to ensure their well-being. Our professionals provide love and play, as well as food, water and a clean litter box.


We provide gentle, professional and stress-free haircuts to all breeds and ages of dogs and cats in the comfort of your home — without restraints or sedatives.


Cats and dogs respond to a stable environment and schedule. They love being in their own home. Our pet care staff is available to stay in your home overnight to provide affection and comfort in your absence.


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Repeat Clients

Here’s what some of our clients are saying:

Pampered Pets has been taking extraordinarily good care of my dog Roxie since I rescued her from the shelter 12 years ago... I recommend Pampered Pets enthusiastically and without any reservation.
Barbara J & Roxie
We travel frequently and quite simply it would not be possible if we had not found Pampered Pets. I can't stress enough what an outstanding and caring service Pampered Pets provides.
Emily H, Boris & Errol
For seven years I have been relying on Pampered Pets to care for my Maltese... their level of service is unparalleled.
Nora W & Sasha
I have been with Pampered Pets through 2 generations of cats. My experience has been consistently top notch. I consider Pampered Pets to be part of my family.
Anne B, Pickle, Columbus & Popover
I trust Pampered Pets implicitly and never worry or have any guilt about leaving my cats–even for several weeks at a time. I recommend them without reservation.
Carla S, Max & Viva
Pampered Pets is the end all be all for me... I would absolutely, undoubtedly recommend their services to anyone in need!
Jeanna P, Murray & Logan