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Click on the + signs below to find answers to many of the most requested questions we receive. Please call or email us if you have remaining questions. We’re happy to field any questions you may have.
Yes! Pampered Pets offers a complimentary “meet and greet” for all of our new clients. We want you to get to know your provider, our service, and at the same time observe the interaction between the sitter and your pet. During the visit we want you and your pet(s) to meet the sitter. We want to pick up 2 sets of keys, confirm pertinent information about your household that me not have been on the original intake information and answer any additional questions that you may have or refer them to the office for explanation. The pet sitter will come to the meeting with written information gathered by the office on the initial phone conversation . There is no charge for this meeting which usually lasts 20-30 minutes.
We always try to accommodate our clients last minute emergency visits.
All of our dog walkers and cat sitters and overnight providers are employees of Pampered Pets. This allows additional controls of the providers that cannot be used if they were independent contractors. This also allows us to cover each of our pet care providers under workman’s compensation insurance.
Pampered Pets goal is to be the best in our service areas not the biggest. The reason our rate may seem a bit higher than some of our competitors is that we want to give you the best service. This entails a higher than average wage for our providers, staffing a professional office from 9 AM to 5 PM, carefully screening employees and training them to perform services the way we want them performed. Our providers are employees, not independent contractors as some other services are structured. This involves deducting taxes, providing workman’s compensation benefits and keeping the highest level of insurance for your pets and property.
No. We strongly believe in in-home care which is why we have chosen not to have a boarding facility or offer group day care. However we do have pet care providers that can remain in your home to care for your pets in their own environment should you need to leave town.
Yes. Every member of our staff is bonded and insured. We carry the highest level of insurance and we have workman’s compensation insurance for our employees.
Our pet sitters go through an extensive interview and rigorous training process both in our office and in the field. We review their work and personal backgrounds as well as their experience with pet care. We are focused on their love for pets, maturity, judgment and reliability. We only hire people that we would trust to care for our own pets and homes.
All scheduling is done through our office which enables the pet care providers to focus solely on your pet’s care . Your pet sitter should not be responsible for administrative details such as scheduling, fees billing etc. The office is completely responsible for all administrative details. If the office has all the information it can then follow up on all activities and requests in the correct manner.
Our staff is trained to notice irregularities with your pet as well as with your home. If there is an unusual occurrence, the pet sitter will contact the office. We will try to reach you. If we are unable to contact you, our staff will take your pet to the veterinarian with the supervision of the office. If there is an emergency in your home, we will call the appropriate repair person to help.
We pride ourselves in guaranteeing that your pet (s) receive the best quality individual care For dogs this translates to a walk or visit tailored to the dog’s needs. The last five minutes of the visit, we clean the dog off if it has been outside, we give fresh water and we write a detailed note. For cats we take care of the food, water and litter according to your specifications. The balance of the visit is dedicated to entertaining your cat in whatever way you tell us your cat prefers. We play, brush, pet, hold according to your ( and your cat’s ) wishes. All our visits are one on one and tailored to your pet’s individual needs.