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How to Give Your Dog a Pill

Present one dog with a pill covered in peanut butter and it will gladly take it whole. Present it to the next dog and he may sniff and walk away. Sound familiar? Often times our four-legged friends aren’t so easily fooled by our attempts to sneak them pills, which makes it all the more harder for us! Luckily, there are several fool-proof tactics for both cats and dogs. Read on for more info…

1. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of the treat you’re using – cream cheese just may not be tempting enough for Fido, and peanut butter isn’t that special! As much of a pain as it is, experiment with switching it up: any soft meat like a hot dog, a small meatball, or piece of pâté could be just the thing to get your pup taking his medication regularly.

2. No luck? Try giving your dog the pill during a walk, when he is distracted by smells and will also be more likely to swallow a treat without taking much notice of it first. Some dog treats are tube shaped and filled with a soft filling – perfect for secretly stashing a pill. Bring a handful of treats along with you on your next outing – including the treat with the pill inside, and give it to Fido when he’s happily playing.

3. Try crushing the pill with the back of a spoon, then stirring it into meat stock or yogurt, and adding that mixture to his dinner.

One important tip: Never chase or corner your dog in order to get him to take his medication. As frustrating as it can be, your four-legged friend will just grow more and more distressed by the situation, especially if you yourself are irritated. Walk away, and try again when you’re both calmer.

Have a cat? Check back next week for tips on giving your feline medicine.

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