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Do or Don’t: Pets on the Furniture


Pets are part of the family: They share our daily routines, celebrate with us, and are there at the end of a bad day. So, when you crash on the couch or curl up in bed, do you let them come with you? At Pampered Pets, we provide overnight petsitting and have seen it all, so we can maintain whatever habits your pet is accustomed to.

We know you work hard to train your pets. Through our in-home petsitting services, we’re committed to maintaining pets’ normal routines — whether that means letting them snuggle up on the furniture or keeping them comfortably on their own beds.

DO: Is there anything better than cuddling your dog or cat? It’s a joy that’s tough for many to resist. Pets need a comfy place to get cozy, and as extensions of your family, it might just feel right to let them join you on the furniture. You can train pets that time on the furniture is a privilege and not a right by only letting them join you in exchange for good behavior. As long as they’re up-to-date on check-ups, vaccines, and baths, there’s a low risk of them transmitting parasites or harmful germs.

DON’T: Beyond leaving chairs covered in fur, pet dander can make some people allergic. Plus, there’s always a chance they’ll track mud or dirt from outside right into the living room. It’s a slippery slope—if you let a pet onto the couch, they might think they can help themselves to your bed—and some worry that it can lead to a sense of entitlement or aggression. Maybe the clean-up time isn’t worth it for you, or maybe you believe in establishing a clean boundary between pets and people.

Regardless of what you decide, every pet deserves a spot to call their own. Here’s a guide to choosing the perfect dog bed, and an explanation for why cats love cardboard boxes. With Pampered Pets, you can rest assured that pets will be as comfortable and happy in their space as they are when you’re around.