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The Benefits to Hiring a Groomer

Both our cats and dogs, as sweet and loving as they are, carry with them a build-up of dust, dandruff and lots of shedding hair. In essence, they are walking mops in our households, except they often join us in bed! We make an effort to keep ourselves and our homes clean, and our beloved furry-friends should be no exception.

The catch? Grooming your own pet can be an exhausting uphill battle — the second you bust out the shampoo and they’re likely to book it to their favorite hiding spot. Claws may come out, the bathroom floor gets soaked, and grooming becomes another thing to procrastinate, especially in a New York City apartment.

At Pampered Pets, we employ four of the highest skilled cat and dog groomers with professional experience to come directly to your home. Our dog grooming service includes a bath, blow dry, hair cut and style, nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing for an additional cost. Our cat grooming includes a bath, blow dry, mat removal, nail trim and lion cut as necessary. Cats are typically cleaner than dogs, and maintain their cleanliness by licking and grooming themselves, ingesting any dirt from their coats. The grooming process for cats is very different than for dogs — which is why it always requires separate training — but we’ve found that a professional grooming ensures that your kitty is the cleanest he can be! We make sure to always work with your pet, not against him. It’s important to us that they’re as comfortable as they can be while we groom. And we’ve even found that before long, our four-legged clients look forward to our visits!

There are also long-term benefits to hiring a groomer, in addition to the convenience, a well-groomed pet will have a healthier, shinier coat, and because he or she will have our undivided attention during each session, the process is sure to be much more pleasant. Plus, you get to sit these sessions out, and come home to a furry-friend is minty clean. It’s a win-win in our book.