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Treat Your Cat!


With the colder, slower days setting in, indoor pets can start to feel a little restless – and bored. If Shadow seems less than thrilled by her toys, considering treating her to something new and exciting. Here are five great options on the market…

Foraging Puzzle Toys are great for bringing out your feline’s natural hunting instincts. This one from Amazon gets rave reviews for its challenging components and massaging paw pad. An added bonus: if your kitty has the tendency to eat too fast, this puzzle could be a great option for slower feasting.

For the climber, try out some cat-friendly shelving. Namely, KATRIS shelves (see below for link). They’re designed for cats with a durable surface made of corrugated cardboard – perfect for scratching, sleeping, hiding, and resting. They’re beautiful and modern, look chic mounted on any apartment wall, and best of all, you can rearrange them whenever you please. The little hideout compartments are perfect for shy felines wanting their own safe space.

Water stream. You may have noticed that your cat prefers to drink out of running water, and will even sneak a sip while you’re washing your hands. While we aren’t entirely sure why cats seem more compelled to drink from a stream than from their water bowl, this nifty gadget (see below for link) will undoubtedly peek their interest. The set up is easy, and the water only runs when weight is registered on the pad. Plus, no cleaning, no refilling, and no filters needed. Genius!

Another option: this interactive cat fountain would also make for fun drinking.

Have a young cat or kitten? Try out the ripple rug, which offers fun, interactive play for your energetic feline (they’ll be busy for hours!). It may look odd to us, but to them it’s an adventure-filled maze. Bonus: made in the USA with recycled plastic bottles.

For the cardboard box lover: this collapsible hide and seek paper bag tunnel will definitely get good use. We love that you can fold it up flat, making it easy to bring with you on pet-friendly trips.

Lastly, a smaller (but just as exciting) treat: the highest rated cat treats on the market, because your furry friend deserves them!