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What Is Cat-Sitting?

By cat sitting, we don’t mean this.
Cats are independent—they hunt, nap, and scamper across the house on their own terms. It’s easy to think they can fend for themselves when you leave town, but cats are naturally mischievous and can get into all kinds of trouble when left to their devices. Plus, most cats benefit from a little company when their families are away! Here’s all you need to know about cat-sitting.

Cats are creatures of routine, so sending them to a friend’s house or to boarding is extremely disruptive and can even cause them to fall ill. Research shows that cats are happiest in their own environment, and our pet-sitting revolves around minimizing stressful changes. In addition to giving your cat food, water, and any necessary meds on their usual schedule, good sitters scoop the litter box and clean up around it so you come home to a place that smells just as it did when you left. Indoor cats need special daily stimulation to keep them from developing unwanted behavior issues. We’ll work closely with you to go over your cat’s unique wants and needs, from combing to playing to cuddling, so he’s always entertained.
Most important of all is your cat’s health. There’s an adage that there are “dog people” and “cat people,” and while we don’t fully buy it—we love both!—it may be true of our company cat-sitters, who are dedicated to all things feline. Cats tend to hide their medical issues, but a good sitter is well-versed in these things and can spot potential health problems that may get overlooked in your day-to-day routine. Our sitters act as another set of eyes to ensure your kitty is in tip-top shape, and they’re committed to keeping cats happy at home as long as you’re away. Think of them like cat camp counselors!

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