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What to Do With All That Shedding

So, you have a pet, and your home is covered in a fur. Join the club! While it’s impossible to fully stop a pet from shedding (unless of course you have a hairless dog or cat), there are tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way that are helpful in keeping the fur balls under control. Here’s what we’ve learned over the years…

First, consider your dog or cat’s coat. Different brushes are designed for different types of fur – and it’s worth doing a little research. The right brush will eliminate tangles and mats, remove loose hair or fur, and – bonus for your furry friend — increase blood flow. A silicone brush that you massage into the fur works for very short-haired dogs, a rake brush works for dogs with thicker, longer coats, and a bristle brush works for dogs with medium length hair. For felines, if your short-haired cat tolerates it, a brush glove works best for removing excess fur. For longer haired pets, a greyhound style medium coarse comb is best for lifting the loose hairs and smoothing out the coat. Pro tip: if you start when they’re young, your kitty will grow to tolerate and even love grooming, the equivalent of a spa day for them.

Alternatively, hand the heavy lifting over to us at Pampered Pets! Grooming is considered to be the most effective way to not only keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy but to eliminate excessive shedding and unwanted odors. A great way to keep shedding at bay in between grooming appointments is to include a quick brushing a few times a week.

In addition, feeding your four-legged friend a high quality diet can have a positive impact on their fur, including their natural oil productions. For dogs, look for food that contains eggs, salmon, or liver, and for cats, look for food that includes a high-quality protein source as the first ingredient. You can also look for nutrients such as copper, vitamin A, Biotin, and Zinc, as these ingredients are known to improve skin health at the cellular level.

Lastly, when all else fails, we swear by a high power, cordless vacuum to remove the inevitable shedding in the apartment or house. Good luck!