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Why You Should Be Grooming Your Pet

You don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth or work out without rinsing off afterward. Chances are, when you need to relax or clear your head, a quick shower or long bath always helps. Good hygiene is as much as a necessity for your pet as it is for you, and grooming is one of the best, most manageable ways to maintain it. Plus, groomed pets are healthier, happier, and easier to live with, although proper grooming is not one-size-fits-all. Here’s the lowdown on proper practices.

What does professional grooming entail?
We use the finest products to bathe pets, clean sensitive places like inside ears and around eyes, remove snarls and matting in fur, and comb delicate undercoats in long-haired dogs and cats. As any cat owner knows, cats groom themselves compulsively; but licking can spread infection, especially under matted fur, and cause increased hairballs. Also, it can be a hassle to hold pets still to clip their nails (and you risk cutting too close to the quick, which is painful), but our professionally certified groomers can do so seamlessly.
All in the comfort and security of your pets’ home, we provide personalized, loving grooming that earns your pets’ trust. Bathtime can be stressful for pets; with cats, especially, it can be dangerous since they are so reactive and resistant to new situations. We know how to keep them calm rather than agitated and even have two cat-only groomers who know feline behavior inside and out.

What are the medical benefits of grooming?
Keeping pets clean get rid of germs and enables you to monitor for pests like fleas and ticks as well as burrs and abnormalities like sensitive spots, unusual bumps, and irritated skin. You see your pets everyday, so you may not detect these subtle physical changes, but our careful inspection provides proactive care. Pampered Pets’ dog groomers are all members of the National Dog Groomers’ Association and our cat groomers collectively have 55+ years of experience, so they know the best grooming practices for every breed. Does your pet have sensitive skin? Washing and brushing regularly helps minimize irritation prophylactically. We also offer medicated dips and shampoos for pets who suffer from fleas and preventive care for tapeworms.

What’s in it for you?
Not only do clean pets smell much better, but they are less likely to shed, make scratches on floors or furniture, or get hairballs. Grooming distributes natural oils to make pets’ coats glossy and healthy so that your furry friend always steals the show. Plus, did you know that proper grooming can actually reduce allergens for folks who are slightly allergic to pet dander?
Poorly groomed pets suffer from discomfort, get cranky, and may decrease their activity, whether it’s because of tangled fur, too-long hair that obstructs their vision, or paw pain due to unclipped nails. Our dedicated groomers have experience with all ages and breeds — we can train puppies and kittens to become comfortable with grooming from an early age, and we’ll trim unruly long coats to keep them manageable.

Many pets even grow to love grooming — it makes them feel bonded and, well, pampered! Think of it like a spa day and a great way to boost quality time with pets. We look forward to pampering your pets!