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How to Give Your Cat a Pill

Last week, we discussed ways to give your dog a pill. Pups, generally speaking, can be convinced to take their medicine — especially once a tasty morsel is involved. Cats, in the other hand, aren’t so easily swayed. Often times, it can be an uphill battle trying to get your feline to cooperate. Below, we’ve included our top three favorite tips for making the process as pain-free as possible…

1. Insert the pill yourself. This method is widely used, and may not be as daunting as you think. There are many videos online demonstrating the proper technique – you want to lift your cat’s head up vertically towards the ceiling until the mouth draws opens, gently pull down the jaw, and quickly place the pill down the center of the cat’s throat. We recommend watching this for visual aid. Don’t have a friend nearby to help? Positioning your cat against a wall will ensure that she doesn’t have the wiggle room to bolt. One tip: coating the pill in soft margarine or butter will help it descend.

2. Another option is to place the pill in a small pill pocket, and then give it to your cat in the same manner as above. This is recommended for the exceptionally bitter pills.

3. Have a squirmy kitty? Don’t despair! Wrapping your furry friend in a towel before trying to administer a tablet will prevent any wiggling — or worse, scratching. Having an extra hand for this method is useful; one person wraps the cat snuggly in a mid size towel, and the other inserts the pill into the cat’s mouth in the same manner discussed previously.

As always, remember to remain calm. It can be tricky and frustrating at times, but with a little practice (and patience!) you’ll know exactly what works for you and your sweet feline. Good luck!

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