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Our Top 5 Tips for Keeping Cats Cool in the City

Summers in New York and New Jersey are not for the faint of heart – with all the concrete and sky-high temperatures, it can feel like a giant brick oven. While cats are lucky to stay in their air-conditioned homes during these hot months, they can still be at risk of overheating — especially ones with longer coats. Below, we’ve outlined our top 5 ways to keep kitties cool in the summer…


1. First and foremost, always make sure your cat has access to fresh, cool water. We like adding a few ice cubes in the morning so the water stays cold. Hydration is key for kitties during the summer! A tip for encouraging your feline to drink? A water fountain, which will increase your pet’s natural instinct to drink more. We like this one

2. Give your cat a fan! Setting up a cool breeze for your furry friend will help him stay comfortable during these hot summer days. We recommend placing the fan somewhere where your kitty can comfortably sprawl out – either directly in front of it, or at a distance (just make sure the fan is placed somewhere where they can’t pull it over or injure themselves in anyway).

3. Let your cat choose which room he prefers to relax in. While it may be tempting to keep your kitty in the coolest room of the house, felines are good at regulating their own temperature, and should be given free range to find a cool spot of their liking.

4. Postpone playtime on the hottest days. Usually, we encourage daily playtime with your four-legged friend, but here’s the exception: on hot summer days, having your kitty chase after a laser might put him at risk of overheating.

5. Keep up on grooming in the summer months! This one is important. Matted fur can lock in heat, so we recommend scheduling regular appointments with groomers who can come to your home, like our services at Pampered Pets.

Happy Summer, everyone, and stay cool!

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