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Treat Your Dog!


Last week, we gave you some fun ideas for treating your feline to something special in the New Year. This week, it’s all about our furry pups! From the best homemade dog treats, to an iPhone app that will feed him even when you aren’t home, here are 5 cool gadgets that are sure to make your four-legged friend’s life all the better.


Working late? The Petnet allows you to feed your dog even when you aren’t home – through your cell phone. This is a great option for anyone trying to keep their dog on a regulated feeding schedule. Bonus: it’s cat friendly, too! See how it works here.

Hand stamped dog tags. A pretty brass one from this Etsy shop would be a great replacement to your furry friend’s old, faded tag. After all, he wears it every day!

Treat him to some extra dog walks. We offer individual walks that ensure your pup will have quality time outside every time – and all of our walkers are fully bonded and insured. You’ll never see our dog walkers sitting down with a pack of dogs tied together – a walk is a walk! Plus, we always make sure your four-legged friend is properly exercised and has had plenty of time for sniffing and exploring. We haven’t met a dog that would say no to that!

Since all dogs really want are treats anyway: homemade chicken jerky is guaranteed to become his new favorite snack. We love this recipe, which doesn’t require a dehydrator. Our resident blogger, Joy, makes them regularly for her pup and says they are a huge hit in her household. Just beware! You’ll become a very popular interest at the dog park if you bring these addictive treats along.

Lastly, (and we’ll admit, this might be more of a gift for you than for your canine), Cuddle Clones creates a fully customized plush toy replica of your pup – and it’s simply too cute not to grab one for yourself.



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