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Ways to Include Your Pet During the Holiday Season


It’s an exciting season: the holidays are upon us! While pets are not as keen to dress up for the holiday photos as we would hope, they still love to be included in the fun – after all, they’re family! Here are four stress-free ways to include your pet in the festivities, starting with…

Custom Note Pads: Rather than dressing them up or including them in the family photo (which, if you have a squirmy pet, isn’t fun for anyone), we suggest picking out a favorite photo of your four-legged pal for a customized notepad. We love this magnetic one from Pinhole Press. Plus, it would make a great stocking stuffer for your family members!

Homemade Treats: Have you ever tried making from-scratch treats for your furry companion? There are plenty of recipes out there, from the basic to the fancy. We love these for dogs (bacon and peanut butter!), and these 3-ingredient salmon bite treats for cats. Make it extra fun by picking up a cookie cutter the shape of a biscuit for your pup and one the shape of a fish for your cat. But even if you simply roll them into little nibblets, they’ll be beyond thrilled to try them fresh out of the oven!

Donate to a local Charity or Shelter. There are many, many animals in need of care. Consider donating to a local charity or shelter in your area as a gift from your pet – or, better yet, offer to volunteer. This website helps you find shelters near you.

Give Your Pet His Own Stocking: Dogs and cats alike have been known to get into Christmas presents that aren’t theres – after all, unwrapping gifts is similar to tearing up a toy! This year, consider picking up an extra stocking for your furry friend, and stuffing it full of his or her favorite treats and toys (wrapped, so they can still partake in the fun!).

Lastly, don’t forget a few safety tips: If you have a cat, secure your Christmas tree. We’ve known several who have tried to climb one, only to have it come crashing down. If you have a dog, remember to keep all the holiday baked goods and snacks in the kitchen stashed away. Have a counter surfer? We recommend storing cookies and cake in the microwave. It’s fool-proof!

Happy Holidays from Pampered Pets!

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