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Preventing Heat Stroke in Dogs


Summers in New York and New Jersey are no joke – temperatures can rise upwards of 100 degrees, and the hot concrete bakes in the sun. While we have efficient cooling systems to keep our body temperature stable, our pups have a much harder time handling the heat, with only panting to cool them down. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways to keep your dog happy and heatstroke free this summer.

What does heatstroke look like in dogs? Luckily for us, canines do a good job of communicating their initial discomfort – you’ll know if your dog is starting to overheat. Signs include restlessness, excessive panting and drooling, increased salivation, and general signs of agitation.

To begin, keep your home cool, with the water bowl always filled with fresh, cold water.

Always bring water on walks – an insulated water bowl will keep your pup extra happy.

Take breaks in the shade, and follow your dog’s lead. If he lies down in a patch of cool grass, let him – that is his way of regulating his body temperature. It’s also a sign he’s ready to go back to your cool home!

On a hot day, skip the jog. There is no need to ever force exercise when there’s any risk of heat stroke.

If you muzzle your four-legged pal, switch to one that allows for panting and drinking.

Does your dog like to swim? On a hot day, consider taking Fido to a dog friendly beach, lake, or pond. There are even locations around NYC.

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