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Why Do Cats Like Circles?

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One thing we know for sure: cats like boxes. It’s indisputable! Put a cardboard box in front of a cat, and they’ll be entertained for hours. But what about a circle? Many photos these days are popping up online of kitties all over the world sitting in the middle of a circle – and it doesn’t seem to matter how that circle is made (hoola lops! A ring of flip flops! Pieces of tape!). So, why are felines attracted to circles? While we have yet to fully understand all of our furry friend’s funny quirks, we can speculate on a few theories…

One theory suggests that cats tend to sleep in circles themselves, especially when preserving body warmth, so a physical circle on the ground might be of comfort or familiarity to them.

Another possible explanation? It could be territorial – a physical mark on the ground could be a demarcated territory for the cats to claim as their own (that means stay away, dog!).

Or, it could be a matter of safety and security. After all, cats love cardboard boxes for that reason, and it could feel like a safe boundary from the outside world.

Or is it simply out of curiosity? We could theorize all day, but cat behaviorists have yet to determine exactly what makes cats drawn to circles (and of course, some aren’t!). Why do you think cats like circles? Feel free to chime in below!

Image from @myfourcatsdesign

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