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Is My Cat Lonely?


Do cats ever feel lonely? Every cat is different; some felines are content to entertain themselves during the day, while others enjoy companions and thrive in a multiple-pet home (whether it’s another cat, dog, or even a bird!). In recent years, cat behaviorists have even found that our furry felines aren’t as solitary as we’ve always assumed. In today’s post, we explore certain behaviors that could be indicative of a lonely kitty. Here’s what to look out for…

1. Excessive vocalizing or meowing, especially when entering or leaving the house.
2. Overgrooming or self-cleaning. This compulsive behavior could be a “cry for more attention.”
3. Destructive behavior while you’re away.
4. Misuse of the litter box
5. Aggressive behavior
as you get ready to leave.

If you’ve noticed any of these tell-tail signs, don’t panic. Luckily, with a few distractions and change in routine, your kitty will settle down. We recommend trying out the following:

A window perch offers an entertaining view of the city (he’ll enjoy passing time looking for pigeons).

Rotating toys, and introducing new and challenging ones will engage his hunting instinct and keep him occupied during your absence.

Cat-sitter! Enlisting a cat-sitter to come to your home can make a world of a difference, especially for a kitty seeking mid-day cuddles while you’re away. Our sitters at Pampered Pets are fully bonded and insured and will play, pet, and socialize with your furry friend during each visit.

Once you know your four-legged friend’s alone-time threshold, you’ll be able to work out a routine that works for both of you. Good luck!



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