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The Truth About Leaving Your Cats Home Alone


Cats are arguably the more independent of our four-legged pets. Not only do they enjoy quality time alone, they find pleasure in entertaining themselves in various ways around the house. While we love this quality about felines (we can relate!), it’s easy as cat owners to assume our furry best friends will be just fine on their own for extended periods of time. While it’s true that cats often do quite well on their own, there are many hazards in our homes that could put your kitty at risk. Read more to find out why…

Leaving your cat unattended for long periods of time gives your feline plenty of opportunities to tap into his or her more mischievous side. A curious cat can find himself in many different dangerous scenarios – wrapped up in grocery bags, stuck in electric wires, the list goes on. Other medical emergencies like a urinary blockage is common and another reason to avoid leaving your cat alone.

While boarding is definitely an alternative option to leaving your cat home alone during a trip, we highly recommend hiring a trustworthy and reliable cat sitter who can come to your home and provide your cat with company, play time, and plenty of fresh water. This way, your cat stays relaxed and happy in his or her own environment, and you can be rest assured that your furry pal stays safe while you’re away. Plus, your pets diet and exercise remains uninterrupted, exposure to illness is minimal, and professional cat sitters are trained to handle all sorts of little issues that may arise while you’re away.

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