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What to Look for in a Manhattan Dog Walking Service

Exercising your dog is key to keeping them physically and mentally healthy, but not all of us have the schedules that allow for such extensive outdoor adventures. Thank goodness for dog walking services! Hiring a reliable walker to regularly hit the trails with your furry friend can be a huge weight off your shoulders, especially when you have a young, active dog and simply not enough time in your day.

Finding the right dog walking company in New York City can be a daunting task, though; just Google “dog walking service in New York City” and you’ll find a whopping 9,890,000 results. So, where to start? Here are 5 things to look out for once you begin your search…

Confidence and Experience. A good dog walking service doesn’t just boast about their animal loving staff, they understand and respect dogs as a whole, and ideally, can back it up with years of professional experience. Don’t be shy when asking for their credentials – they should already have references on hand.

Flexible Schedule. Yes, your dog walker is doing you a great service, and it’s good news if the company you choose is booked with clients, but the walks should also be convenient to you and your schedule. Before hiring, discuss openly about what times and days work best for you, and see if you can work something out together.

Licensed and Insured. Anyone can become a dog walker, but finding a company that is insured means that you and your pet will be protected, and this is hugely important when handing your dog over to someone else’s care in a big and active city like New York. Even if you are 100% trusting in the dog walking service you decide on, it’s worth the peace of mind to know they are covered. At Pampered Pets, all of our dog walkers are insured, and we highly recommend it as a determining factor in your search.

Clear about the Details. One tip? Get all the details ironed out before saying “you’re hired!” Ask specifics – will your dog be walked solo or with a pack? How long are the walks? Will the same person be walking your dog every time? Even the logistical details like payment are better figured out ahead of time so there isn’t any confusion or miscommunication down the road.

Test Drive. A good dog walking service will be willing to meet both you and your dog and go for a practice walk around the neighborhood. This is a good chance for you to explain any specific training techniques you use while walking on the leash, and to get a feel for how the dog walker interacts with your furry friend.

Good luck! Curious to hear more about Pampered Pet’s dog walking service? Click here for more info, and feel free to call (212)-772-2181 with any questions.