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5 Apps Every Pet Owner Should Have

Smart phones often get a bad rap for being a constant distraction, but there’s no denying how useful and convenient they can be – especially when it comes to day-to-day life. If you’ve ever wished you could hold your puppy’s attention for a photo, or quickly double check that your kitty didn’t just swallow something toxic, look no further – we’ve rounded up our 5 favorite apps for pet owners. See below…

Pet First Aid

Your go-to place for first-aid treatment of both dogs and cats – Pet First Aid was created by American Red Cross and has received rave reviews for its thorough development and clear layout– it even includes an emergency section for bites, allergies, and other signs of distress. Bonus: you can store your pet’s information in the app and email it to your veterinarian before a visit.


Consider it an online dating site for your dog – DoggyDatez is a mobile social platform that lets you connect with other dog owners walking in your area. A great way to find new friends for your pup (and yourself!), the app lets you conveniently search by breed, gender, and age.

Game for Cats

This app includes two entertaining games for your cat to play himself– yes, you heard that right! Choose between a mouse trap or a laser light game and sit back as your kitty gets a dose of stimulating play time. Note: this works best on an iPad.

Pet Minder Pro

Have more than one pet to take care of? This app lets you keep track of all your furry family members, including vet visits, medication, feedings, and potty breaks.


If you’ve ever tried to snap a cute photo of your four-legged friend you know how nearly impossible it is to get a clear shot, especially when it comes to wiggly puppies. Petsnap is a photo app that includes 32 endearing sounds that will capture – and hold – your furry companion’s attention. We’ve tried it and are happy to report it works like a charm.

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